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Building the start-up state of mind

Whether a start-up, an SME or a blue chip, a start-up state of mind is essential for the tech world. 

This mentality can make the difference between surviving and thriving, being on the crest of a technology wave or being swallowed whole by ever-changing digital expectations.

That’s why we’re solely focused on developing and placing the brightest people throughout their career. We know that working for a start-up is more than a just tick-list of technical skills — it’s an evolving, flexible mindset.

So, from a tech start-up working out of a stock cupboard, to its sale on the stock exchange, we place and support senior candidates all the way, keeping pace with the market so our clients can define it.

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Start-ups are our world

Fresh, innovative, visionary and growing — they’re the qualities of the businesses that we want our people to flourish within.

It’s not only more exciting; it’s where they can develop themselves to their fullest.

The start-ups we work with all have something special.

They’re disruptive and often the first-to-market. They hang their hat on a core tech belief — and are solely focussed on making it reality.

They’re growing — we want longevity for our placements and the satisfaction of seeing the product, service or platform change the game. It’s not lip service — it’s business sense for everyone.

Our Start Up roles


We understand a company’s growth at every stage — it’s why we can place senior clients throughout their career. 

How we do this is through our bespoke approach that matches clients’ skills to the way a business needs to progress. 

Putting the right person in the right place at the key point in their career is why we’re retention experts — the consistent fuel small-medium enterprises need to grow. 

To put that into context, our executive retention rate in the last two years is 98% over the first 18 months of placement. 

Our SME roles

Blue chip 

We place senior professionals across numerous specialisms but they all have something in common — the ability to flex with the changing demands of the digital economy. 

It’s not a ‘nice to have’ quality — it’s become essential in a fast-changing economic landscape. 

We thrive on the excitement of the start-up and placing senior executives in cutting-edge companies. But we always have our eye on leading the company to blue-chip status.  

That’s why we understand the dynamics of building the C-suite better than most — it’s our bread and butter. Blue-chip companies come to us to keep pace with the start-ups. 

Our Blue-Chip roles