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In digital recruitment London is the hub for the fintech, proptech and adtech industries we recruit most for.

But no matter where our clients are, they face the same universal challenge – finding great people.  So we take the time to understand their needs and add our extensive knowledge of sectors. That’s why we’re the marketing recruitment agency London relies on.

Quick Case studies

1. Fintech Enterprise West London

For digital marketing jobs London is home to considerable competition for mid-level placements. Our client needed a CMO-level individual to hire mid-level placements from within. We delivered an ROI-driven professional with a background in building dynamic teams – continuing our work separating the ordinary from the extraordinary.

2. Proptech Enterprise East London

There’s never a more important hire than the person who’s going to have a team built around them. And that’s exactly why our client turned to us as their marketing recruitment agency.  We placed a respected and well-liked senior leader in a pivotal position and at a pivotal time – attracting talent and defining their competitive advantage right away.

3. Adtech Enterprise Central London

With increasing numbers of contract appointments, the urgency increases too. Our client wanted reliable, skilful individuals appointed quickly and to hit the ground running for a tight deadline. The feedback from our placements was that Resource Partners was home to some of the ‘best digital recruitment London possesses, even at a moment’s notice’.

Our candidates turn to us for the best digital marketing jobs London has to offer, and our clients for our high calibre of candidates.

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